Artadia and Champions of Culture are delighted to announce Garrett Bradley as the recipient of the 2014 Prospect.3 / Artadia Award, a $6,500 unrestricted merit-based award selected in tandem with the 2014 edition of Prospect.3. A jury comprised of Miranda Lash, Curator of Contemporary Art, Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY, and artist Marilyn Minter, determined the award winner.

Garrett Bradley uses film and video as a tool for exploring social-economic juxtaposition, human conflict, historical reflection, place based adventure and the beauty that is plainly in view. Her most recent film Below Dreams (2014 TriBeca Film Festival) was motivated by the prospect of cultural exchange and push the formal boundaries of film by combining an impressionistic technique with the control of traditional cinema. Her work is equally in focused sound design as an element driving the central concepts of each piece.

Garrett Bradleywill receive all lifetime privileges of the Artadia Award program, including: ongoing support and connections through the Artadia network of curators, critics and arts-related professionals; an opportunity to apply to the Artadia residency program; studio visits with internationally renowned curators; national exhibitions, publications; and more.