And the Award Goes to…: The 2013 Artadia Los Angeles Award Winners
January 22 – February 23, 2014 

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L.A.C.E. is pleased to announce 2013 Artadia Los Angeles Award Exhibition: And the Award Goes to… The exhibition will celebrate the work and achievements of the five Artadia Awardees from Los Angeles: Cayetano Ferrer, Vishal Jugdeo, Nicole Miller, Stanya Kahn and Kerry Tribe. And the Award Goes to… also commemorates Artadia’s first grant cycle in Los Angeles.

Chosen based on of the merit of their work, the five 2013 Artadia Los Angeles Awardees Cayetano Ferrer, Vishal Jugdeo, Nicole Miller, Stanya Kahn and Kerry Tribe reflect a varied set of interests relevant to our contemporary cultural conditions. The exhibition And the Award Goes to…, teases out semblances between the five artists’ disparate practices, to examine how each artists uses materials to negotiate the terrain between fiction and reality. Cayetano Ferrer employs mimicry, artifice, and illusion as techniques that integrate into thematic content alongside the historical residue of the context, objects, or materials. Vishal Jugdeo collaborates with professional and non-professional actors to construct fictional situations, rooted in dialogue, that are both abstractions and representations of everyday relations. Nicole Miller uses cinema to explore subjective realities, renegotiating memories alongside filmic documents to find moments of traumatic ataxia, which she directs toward catharsis through intense subjectivity. In a long-term investigation of how rhetoric gains and loses power, Stanya Kahn allows a diverse flow of structural influences, understanding that what the body does can bear a load similar and yet different from what the body says. Kerry Tribe explores themes of memory, subjectivity and doubt, often by combining fictional and documentary approaches.

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The 2013 Artadia Los Angeles Awardees were selected by leading curators: Ali Subotnick (Curator, Hammer Museum UCLA, Los Angeles), Joao Ribas (formerly of MIT’s List Visual Art Center, Cambridge) and Magnolia de la Garza (Associate Curator, Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City) after conducting studio visits with ten finalists in Los Angeles in November 2013. The ten finalists were selected from over 500 applications by jurors Ali Subotnick, Chus Martinez (El Museo del Barrio, New York) and artist Spencer Finch (New York) who reviewed all applications at Artadia’s headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

To honor the generous gifts of the Artadia Los Angeles Council, Cayetano Ferrer and Kerry Tribe were named Los Angeles Council Awardees.

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