Programs / Limited Editions

Artadia’s Editions are a perfect way to diversify your art collection while supporting artists. The sale of these artworks support our programming.

To purchase or inquire about an Artadia Edition, please contact Jonathan Gardenhire: or 212-727-2233. Framed editions are available; prices below do not include framing. Frank Benson’s work comes with a custom frame that is included in the price.

  • Nick Cave (2006 Chicago) Limited Edition Pint Glasses
    Set of 4 Pint Glasses
    Edition of 100
    Limited Edition Glassware by Nick Cave in honor of the 2017 Unrestricted Artadia Benefit Auction
  • Michael Jones McKean (2006 Houston)
    The Fields
    Pigment print on Hahnemuhle photo pearl paper
    20 x 20 in.
    Edition of 20

    The collapsing of two very different realities makes this work resonate. The Hubble Space Telescope discovery of thousands of formerly unknown galaxies and the most quotidian of man made inventions, snack foods, coexist in The Fields, 2017. The shapes and forms found in the snack foods and their arrangement suggest hieroglyphs and astrological signs. Michael Jones McKean demonstrates in this work his interest in the complexity of the physical and mental space we inhabit. McKean blurs the lines between who we are and our own perceptions of reality. – Omar Lopez-Chahoud

    The edition relates to an 80 x 80 inch work of McKean’s from 2014, The Deep Field, exhibited at Parc Saint Leger Centre d’art Contemporain, Nevers, France.
  • Joseph Havel (2004 Houston)
    Cast polyurethane resin and bronze with patina
    11.75 x 5.75 x 9.25 in.
    Edition of 12 plus 1AP
    Courtesy of the artist and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
    "Bender" is a book written by the artist's friend, the poet Dean Young. The two collaborated on a project, which resulted in a poem and a series of exhibitions titled "How to Draw a Circle." The works deal with reconstructing a sense of self in the face of constant flux and sometimes traumatic change, while maintaining a sense of humor. The title "Bender" suggests the idea of something physical being malleable and a drunken bender as a state of instability.
  • Richard T. Walker (2009 San Francisco)
    the fallibility of intent (extracted / multiplied #1)
    Archival pigment print, plexiglass, steel threaded rod, wing nut and washer
    13.25 x 13.25
    Edition of 20 plus 2AP
    The mounted print is taken from a ‘cut out’ of an illustration in the book "Scrambles Amongst the Alps" by Edward Whymper. Published in 1871, the book is an idiosyncratic account of explorations in the mountains. The edition relates to the series of works “the fallibility of intent." This work builds a connection between the insatiable need for explorers to reach a summit, an acutely defined single place of virgin territory that hasn’t yet been shaped by the ideas and trace of man, and the allure of mountain peaks as a fantasy space where knowledge can be reversed, enabling us to let go of knowing and forget. This would be a place without preconception and without expectation; a place where an erasure of past and future nullifies the power of cultural interpretation and experiences stop preventing us from experiencing.
  • Tony Tasset
    Cup Face
    Cast Bronze and Paint
    4 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 4/12 in.
    Edition of 30 plus 3 AP
    Tony's entirely bronze cup is emblematic of the Chicago-based artist's practice to create hyper-realistic caricatures of the everyday. Similar to his other large-scale works, including the eye, snowman and other "styrofoam" pieces, the cup is a playful trick. Of his 2014 Whitney Biennial contribution of 400,000 carved artists names, Tasset has said he hopes "to celebrate artists and remove hierarchy." Tasset currently resides in Chicago, Illinois and is represented by Kavi Gupta of Chicago and Berlin.
  • Frank Benson
    Petrified Wood
    Archival Print
    20 x 30 in.
    Edition of 30 plus 2 AP
    $1,700 (custom frame included)
    Known for hyperrealistic pieces that challenge the viewer's perception of reality, Benson utilizes the notion of consumption versus nature in his sculptures, photographs, and videos. Benson's work has been show at Astrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne Kunst, Oslo, Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV, Andrew Kreps Gallery, NY, Taxter & Spengemann, NY, and Sadie Coles, London, UK.

    *Please note: this edition has a custom frame with a 30 day production time.
  • Josef Strau
    Archival Print, mounted on aluminum
    20 x 30 in.
    Edition of 30 plus 2AP
    Josef Strau uses automatic writing as a way to engage, relax, begin and become, often engaging the viewer in a sculpted and discreet reading experience. Strau's work has been exhibited worldwide including The Sculpture Center, NY, Musee d'art contemporain, Bordeaux, MoMA PS1, NY, Dependance, Brussels, and Greene Naftali Gallery, NY.
  • Ian Tweedy
    Archival Print
    30 x 20 in.
    Edition of 30 plus 2AP
    Ian Tweedy's artistic activity is rooted in the relationship between individual biography and the collective past, suggestive appropriation of history, a quest for new concepts related to identity, belonging and freedom. Tweedy's work has been shown internationally including the Prague Biennale, Monitor, Rome, Dabbeni Studio d´arte contemporanea, Lugano, and Untitled, New York City, NY.
  • Catherine Wagner
    Beloved, Toni Morrison
    Archival Pigment Print
    with Braille (diptych)
    24 1/2 x 10 in.
    Edition of 20 plus 2AP
    For over 30 Catherine Wagner has been observing the built environment as a metaphor for how we construct our cultural identities. She's examined institutions as various as art museums and science labs, the home and Disneyland. She is the recipient of The Rome Prize 2013 and a 2007 Artadia Award!
  • Phoebe Washburn
    The Crown Royale
    Archival Print
    29 x 23 13/16 in.
    Edition of 30 plus 2 AP
    Phoebe Washburn was born in 1973 and received a MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Washburn's installations have been exhibited at Kunsthallen Brandts, Denmark, National Academy Museum, NY, kestner gesellschaft, Hannover, Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia and the UCLA Hammer Museum, LA. Washburn lives and works in New York.
  • James Welling
    Inkjet print on Museo Silver Rag
    19 x 13 in.
    Edition of 30
    James Welling has been questioning the norms of representation since the 1970s. His work centers on an exploration of photography, shuffling the elemental components of the medium to produce a distinctly uncompromising body of work.