Artadia Video: Building Life-Long Artist Networks

Artadia is a nonprofit grantmaker and nationwide community of visual artists, curators, and patrons. We elevate the careers of artists at pivotal moments in their practice and help strengthen their communities through a proven combination of recognition, grantmaking, community support, and advocacy. Since its founding, Artadia has awarded over $6 million in unrestricted funds to over 360 artists in 8 cities. 

Artadia was founded in 1999 by Christopher E. Vroom and a group of arts leaders in San Francisco. They recognized the erosion of public support for the arts, and were united by the belief that visual artists play a foundational role in shaping society and the arts economy, not only as storytellers but as civic leaders. After relocating to New York in 2002, Artadia now serves seven major U.S. cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

Today, Artadia annually awards unrestricted grants directly to artists through a curator-driven process. In addition to receiving grant funds, Artadia Awardees become part of the Artadia Network, which offers an innovative platform to unite artists with our devoted network of professionals ranging from curators and fellow artists to legal and financial experts. The Artadia Network provides Awardees with a forum for structured resource sharing, opportunities for new connections and access to practice based solutions.

Over two decades, Artadia has celebrated the invaluable role visual artists play in society, offering programs that reflect our mission to not only support artists, but remain informed by them. Through our collaborative work, together with artists’ communities and across the museum and gallery landscape, we have cultivated a rare degree of expertise in creating the conditions necessary for artists from all backgrounds to thrive and succeed. Artists possess the vision and ambition to inspire change through their creativity, especially, in the vital communities where they live and work. We believe that if artists remain at the core of local, national and global conversations, communities large and small will be strengthened and economic justice in the arts can be realized.

More recently, Artadia cofounded Artist Relief, a coalition of arts grantmakers that came together to provide immediate aid to US-based artists who experienced extreme financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 From April to December 2020, Artadia rallied patrons and foundations across the country to support this important initiative—a clear demonstration of our strength-in-numbers approach to building and sustaining a nationwide community.

Artadia was a key fundraiser that contributed to raising $25 million as part of this joint effort. In total, Artist Relief operated 13 cycles of funding from April 2020 to June 2021 that supported 4,682 artists with $5,000 emergency relief grants. Artadia continues to explore new ways to grow our support for artists.

In addition to strengthening our core awards program, we have developed the Artadia Network—an innovative platform for meetings and workshops that will unite artists across geographies, disciplines, and generations, increasing their access to the expertise of Artadia’s colleagues—and to one another.

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2016 NADA New York Awardee/Board Member Summer Wheat; Artadia Executive Director Carolyn Ramo; 2006 Chicago Awardee/Board Member Nick Cave; Board Member Marilyn Minter
Artadia community celebrates 2007 San Francisco Awardee Hank Willis Thomas's exhibition "An All Colored Cast" at Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles.
Curator Michelle Kuo giving the Artadia community a private tour of "Artist's Choice: Amy Sillmans" at the new MoMA
Carolyn Ramo

Executive Director

Manuela Mozo

Deputy Director

Anastasia Kidd

Senior Development Officer

Bora Kim

Program Manager

Nikkia Rivera

Development Assistant

Maya Teich

Program and Communications Assistant

Board of Directors

Ian Alteveer
New York

Andisheh Avini
New York

Susan Bridges

Nick Cave

Joelle Connolly
San Francisco

Aurele Danoff Pelaia
Los Angeles
Vice President

Laura Roberson Fisch
New York

Oliver Frankel
New York

Eugene Fu

Marjory Graue
San Francisco

John Guess, Jr.

Tony Karman

Naima J. Keith
Los Angeles 

Lucy Kim

Olivia Marciano
Los Angeles

Karen Mehiel
New York

Marilyn Minter
New York

Judy Nyquist

Marie Samuels
New York

Jessica Shaefer
San Francisco

Franklin Sirmans

Seth Stolbun

Christopher E. Vroom
New York

Summer Wheat
New York 

Jennifer Williams

Grant Withers
Los Angeles

Lisa Wolman
New York

Richard Ziegelasch
New York

Laurie Ziegler
Los Angeles

Margot Ziegler
New York