Artadia Network

The Artadia Network is an activated community offering ongoing support exclusively to Artadia Awardees beyond the unrestricted financial award. Through one-on-one meetings and workshops with a variety of professionals, and an Awardee listserv, the Artadia Network provides Awardees with a forum for structured discourse, resource sharing and opportunities for new connections.

Artadia’s vision is for visual artists to prosper through stronger communities and a more just arts economy. To realize this, the Artadia Award program offers a pathway toward sustainable growth for artists. The Artadia Network, which directly evolved from our long-running Art & Dialogue series (2015-2020) and Houston Fellowship program (2018-2020), extends the benefits of the grant funds by fostering discourse between artists and a community of professionals ranging from curators to legal experts. Together, they explore practice-based solutions to the most pressing challenges facing artists today.

The Artadia Network comprises a wide range of professionals including:

○  Art academics ○ Art advisors ○ Art administrators ○ Auction specialists ○ Curators ○ Collectors ○ Dealers ○ Established artists ○ Financial advisors ○ Lawyers ○
Marketing and digital strategists ○ Production specialists ○ And more

Awardees connect with the Network in three ways:

One-on-one virtual meetings:

  • In the program’s inaugural year, Artadia is matching 50 of its 350+ Awardees with professionals for one-on-one meetings, based on artists’ specific needs and scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis.
2018 San Francisco Awardee Indira Allegra, Casting II. 2017
2006 Chicago Awardee/ Board Member Nick Cave, Soundsuit. 2009. Photo by James Prinz Photography. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

Eight annual virtual workshops hosted by professionals:

  • Four public events providing a window into the current state of the arts and arts communities. 
  • Four private events exclusively Awardees and Finalists, to connect in small groups for resource sharing and intimate, topical discussions. 

Artadia Awardee listserv:

  • A forum for discussion, resource sharing, and connection with one another.
2020 Los Angeles Awardee Suné Woods, Aragonite Stars. 2018.
'Writing a Great Artist Statement' with Ninth Street Collective

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This workshop with Shama Rahman helps artists explore how to clearly communicate who they are as creative individuals, and the kind of work they produce, to a broad range of audiences. Artists will learn the components of creating effective personal narratives, tangible tips for keeping their statements updated on a regular basis, modifying statements for different platforms and more. Learnings from this workshop can apply to improving applications for grants, fellowships, and residencies; websites; press releases; marketing materials and more.

Shama Rahman.
'Budgeting with Confidence' with Ninth Street Collective

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In this Artadia Public Network Workshop, Courtney Childress and Peter Gynd unpack one of the more opaque tasks an artist must face. Whether it’s creating a budget for your studio practice or an estimated budget that’s required for a grant application, having a solid understanding of your expenses, spending and income is crucial to your success. Courtney Childress and Peter Gynd — who are both artists with active studio practices as well as curators and gallerists — share practical advice on how to create budgets that support your artistic practice and help open doors to new opportunities.

Left to Right: Courtney Childress and Peter Gynd.
'The Art of the Studio Visit' with Ninth Street Collective

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Audra Lambert and Heather Zises from Ninth Street Collective hold a candid conversation about preparing for the a studio visit (both virtually and in-person), hosting the visit and following up post-visit. As curators and art critics, they have visited 100s of artist studios and will share the dos and don’ts of navigating in-person and virtual visits.

Left to Right: Audra Lambert and Heather Zises.
'NFT Roundtable'

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Panel discussion with industry experts and artists on NFTs to share key insights and understandings geared to artists and like-minded creatives. Panelists include Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle, Global Director of Online Sales and Head of Pace Verso, Amir H. Fallah, Artist and 2020 Los Angeles Artadia Awardee, Sarah Friend, Artist and Software Developer, Christopher Y. Lew, Chief Artistic Director of Horizon Art Foundation and Outland Art, and Nato Thompson, Co-Founder Artwrld, Founder and Director The Alternative Art School.

Clockwise from top: Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle, Sarah Friend, Christopher Y. Lew, Amir H. Fallah, Nato Thompson.
'Copyright Basics' with Center for Art Law 
Can all artworks be protected by copyright? Can someone else’s idea be used to create another work of art? What is “fair use” and when does it become “infringement”? Is it different under social media regulations? Led by Atreya Mathur and Minelli Manoukian, this workshop covered the fundamentals, laws and landmark cases in copyright, the importance of copyright for artists, and its relevance in a social media-driven world.
Left to Right: Atreya Mathur and Minelli Manoukian
'Artadia Fiscal Sponsorship Program' with Anastasia Kidd and Bora Kim
In this private workshop for our Artadia Awardees, Artadia’s Deputy Director Anastasia Kidd and Program Manager Bora Kim provided an introduction to Artadia’s new fiscal sponsorship program for Artadia Awardees.
'Dealers Roundtable' with Kibum Kim, Friedrich Petzel, and Nicole Russo

This private Network workshop convened three renowned art dealers—Kibum Kim of Commonwealth and Council, Friedrich Petzel of Petzel Gallery, and Nicole Russo of Chapter NY Gallery–to hold a roundtable-style conversation around navigating gallery relationships, what it means to be represented, and the role that galleries can play in the sustainability of an artist’s career.

Clockwise from top: Kibum Kim, Friedrich Petzel, Nicole Russo
Artadia Awardee Vincent Valdez x Alisa Sikelianos-Carter
Artadia Awardee Vincent Valdez and artist Alisa Sikelianos-Carter gave a glimpse into their  year-long exchange of ideas, concerns, challenges and efforts inside their studio practice and beyond as artistic colleagues and as friends.
Left to right: Vincent Valdez, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter
Financial Wellness Seminar with Jessica Decker and Tom Moore

This is a Private Workshop for Artadia Awardees. For RSVP information please email

Financial Wellness Seminar for Artists will be an overview of best practices for optimizing your financial life including budgeting, savings strategies, estate planning, investment planning, and risk management. This event will be live closed captioned,  if any accessibility accommodations are needed please email

Left to right: Jessica Decker, Tom Moore
Kristen Becker x Corrina Peipon

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Kristen Becker and Corrina Peipon are both independent arts strategists with over 20 years of experience in artists’ studios, museums, and commercial galleries. They met virtually on April 8 to share their insider knowledge on how artists can best approach relationships with curators and gallery owners.

L: Kristen Becker (Photo by Cubby Graham). R: Corrina Peipon (Photo by Marten Elder).
Bria Lauren x Rebecca Matalon

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Artist and 2020 Houston Artadia Awardee Bria Lauren and Rebecca Matalon, Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, discussed Lauren’s work in photography and film, the ongoing importance of Houston’s Third Ward on her practice, and the value and urgency of honoring her local community of Black women, artists, and collaborators.

L: Rebecca Matalon (Photo by Myles Pettengill). R: Bria Lauren (Photo by Troy Montes).
Network Specialists

Courtenay Finn, Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Doug Gourley, Private Banker

Gregory Harris, Associate Curator of Photography, High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Daonne Huff, Director, Public Programs & Community Engagement, Studio Museum in Harlem

Rachel Jans, Assistant Curator of Paintings and Sculpture, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Miranda Lash, Ellen Bruss Senior Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Margot Norton, Curator, New Museum,  New York

Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Artist

Gabriel Ritter, Curator and Head of Contemporary Art, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Brian Sholis, Editor, Writer and Curator

Irene Shum, Curator, Art & Architecture

Katia Zavistovski, Assistant Curator of Modern Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art