Artadia Video: Fiscal Sponsorship

Artadia’s Fiscal Sponsorship program, launched in 2022, is a resource offered to all Artadia Awardees, extending the benefits of the Award with an opportunity for independent artists and small organizations to access additional funding. Through this sponsorship, Artadia offers its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to Awardees, thereby allowing them to access grant opportunities that may only be open to non-profit organizations and solicit tax-deductible contributions.


  • Application is open to all Artadia Awardees with a U.S. Tax Identification Number (TIN), and/or small organizations with an EIN where Awardee is affiliated, regardless of location.
  • Individual artist projects and/or small organizations (comprising at least one Artadia Awardee) will be considered.
  • A budget minimum of $20,000, with funds already pledged. Applicants will be required upload an expense and income budget (that balance out to $0).
  • Projects must demonstrate artistic aim or vision and organizations should ideally be community-oriented. Please note that applications are not judged by artistic quality or merit.
  • Applications will be accepted and selected on a rolling basis, at Artadia’s discretion.
  • Solicitation: The Sponsee is responsible for requests for gifts and contributions to fund their project.


  • Access to large-scale funding opportunities from foundations or corporate funders that are usually restricted to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations.
  • The ability to offer individual donors the incentive of tax-deductible donations.
  • Intake of online donations via a website portal with a payout system of earnings that are automatically distributed on a monthly basis.
  • Artadia will oversee contributed and earned income and provide basic accounting oversight.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with a four-week review timeline. Artadia staff will reach out regarding the status of your application within this time frame.


  • There is no fee to apply for Artadia’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program.
  • Artadia receives monetary donations to make disbursements for the Project minus a 4% administration fee applied to the amounts of all such disbursements.


Application will collect the following information.

  • Artist / Organization information 
  • Artist C.V. and relevant work samples 
  • Budget – income and expenses
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Project or Operating Budget (a sample budget can be downloaded HERE)
  • Project description
  • Letter(s) of support


Please send all inquiries related to the Fiscal Sponsorship program or application to with the subject line “Artadia Fiscal Sponsorship”

Fiscal Sponsorship Application

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis


Alex Strada
Buck Ellison
Brendan Fernandes
Carolina Caycedo
For Freedoms
Gabriel Garcia Roman
Jupiter Magazine
Shirin Neshat
Skin in the Game
Sichong Xie