Michelle Kuo
Curator Michelle Kuo giving the Artadia community a private tour of "Artist's Choice: Amy Sillmans" at the new MoMA

Council Membership directly supports the Artadia Awards, offering increased financial and creative freedom to sustain artists’ careers and strengthen their communities. Every Ambassadors Council, Contemporary Council, National Council membership expands Artadia’s ability to grow the number of artists we serve.

The by-invitation Ambassadors Council Membership provides intimate access to the artists who are lauded by Artadia’s dynamic community of curatorial colleagues, and opportunities to participate in robust programming: a roster of highest-quality, local and national virtual and in-person events, offered at an accessible contribution level. Major exhibition and foundation tours, studio visits, topical forums, and private collection viewings, are enriched by sharing Artadia’s abundant resources of the creative communities in our award cities. The Ambassadors Council is a space for discussion and bridge-building as colleagues who support artists daily and actively contribute to this shared endeavor.

Become a Member

Membership Includes:

  • 6-8 event invitations to connect with other Council and Artadia Board members.
  • One annual focused event created specifically for the Ambassadors Council.
  • Curated one trips to Artadia Award cities, guided through the lens and knowledge of the Artadia community. 
  • Shared resources for roving professionals, such as Itineraries and Art Guides for Artadia Award cities and access to artist studios, curatorial teams and collections in each city.
  • Access to events during regional virtual art fair weeks including collection visits, special museum/gallery tours, and partnership opportunities for hosting events collectively.
  • The most current information in contemporary art via Artadia’s monthly newsletter, featuring artist awards, exhibitions, press announcements, and interviews.
    Each membership is a $500 annual tax-deductible contribution.
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