Artadia Awardee Designed Candle Edition

Individual for $75 each, or Set of three for $150 by Artadia Awardees:

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Candle Edition designed by 2018 Atlanta Artadia Awardee William Downs:

Can we play together candle, 2021

William Downs, born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, works in a range of mediums, but focuses primarily on drawing.

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Candle Edition designed by 2000 San Francisco Bay Area Artadia Awardee Jessica Snow:

Terrestrial Light candle, 2021

Jessica Snow bridges her experiential relationship with nature, ancient art, and architecture to create works that fuse interpretation and imagination, creating a visual vocabulary that merges ancient and contemporary forms.

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Candle Edition designed by 2012 Chicago Artadia Awardee Deb Sokolow:

You’ve Been Told How Small Vessels Make Good Hiding Places for Listening Devices candle, 2021

Deb Sokolow is a Chicago-based artist and writer whose text-driven, diagrammatic drawings and artist books blend fact with fiction and speculate both comically and critically on a variety of topics, including architecture, artists, the details of shadowy histories and organizations, the foibles of heads of state and the lives of geniuses.

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