Carmen Argote

Artadia Awardee

“I believe Carmen, Ron, and Diedrick, are shining examples of the vast constellation of creativity that drives our city. I appreciate how thoughtful and incredibly dedicated they are to their crafts and how labor intensive their respective practices are. Diedrick weaves worlds with his fingertips, Ron flips the biblical script with his new age theatrical productions and Carmen’s sculptures and installations hold the most profound notions of “home.” I am proud to stand by these brilliant artists who are leading Los Angeles into the future.”

-Erin Christovale

Carmen Argote is a multidisciplinary artist who works through the act of inhabiting a space. Argote’s practice is in conversation with the site she is working from, often pointing to the body, to class, and to economic structures in relation to the architecture and to personal history. Argote is represented by Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles and Instituto de Vision, Bogota.

Carmen Argote is the recipient of the 2019 Los Angeles Artadia Award.