Carrie Hott

Artadia Awardee

Carrie Hott is an interdisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. Through her practice, she works to find origins, connect tangents, and locate invisible systems. Her research interests include whalesartificial lightblackoutslacenetstools, and the systems often employed to learn about our surroundings.

Hott was born in Fort Collins, Colorado and grew up in the southwestern United States between Arizona, Colorado, and California. She received her BFA in Painting with a minor in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2003, and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007.

In addition to working in installation, video, and drawing, she regularly completes related projects that include mixed media presentations, classes, and various collaborative endeavors. She is a past founder of Royal NoneSuch Gallery in Oakland and Ortega y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn.

Carrie Hott is the recipient of the 2017 San Francisco Artadia Award.