Danielle Deadwyler

Artadia Awardee

“The jurying process this year was quite competitive and we have great admiration for all the finalists who collectively embody the layers and vibrancy of the community here in Atlanta. The two awardees represent distinct practices that demonstrate a commitment to both artistic excellence and rigorous thinking about the creative process. Sonya’s installations emphasize the deeply contemplative potential of craft, elevating humble materials to spiritual planes. Danielle’s compelling performances and videos connect personal narratives with larger issues of social justice and the lived experience of African American women.”

-Gregory Harris & Louise Shaw

Danielle Deadwyler is an interdisciplinary artist, mother of one, and native of Atlanta, GA. With filmmaking and performance as primary media, Danielle Deadwyler blurs the line on labor of the black body. Through experimental and theatrical exhibition structures, she especially bolsters the black female body’s work and its range through public/private, domestic/sexual, individual and with community dichotomies, and in documentary and fictive narratives.

Danielle Deadwyler is the recipient of the 2019 Atlanta Artadia Award.