Howie Cherman

Artadia Awardee

Howie Cherman received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from California State University at Long Beach, where he made numerous experimental films while studying film production, history, theory, and criticism. Upon graduation, he began working in film production and post-production in Los Angeles while continuing to make independent films and videos and studying performance art and improvisation techniques. Desiring a more intensive and interdisciplinary course of study in a fine art context, he enrolled at San Francisco Art Institute where he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in New Genres. It was there that he began to develop a large body of conceptually based videos, performances, installations and time-based drawings. He has received an Artadia Award and a Murphy/Cadogan Fine Arts Fellowship. He was also a member of the Artists Committee of the San Francisco Art Institute before moving back to Los Angeles in 2001, where he currently works and resides. He has shown nationally and internationally in cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Vienna, and Paris. His single channel videotapes are archived and distributed by Video Pool in Winnipeg, Canada.