Max King Cap

Artadia Awardee

The most recent works by Max King Cap, Tyrants and Kop Killer Komics, continue his career-long illustration of contempt and debasement. His Tyrants series morphs the image of the artist himself with the likeness of infamous dictators to concoct Jekyll-Hyde self portraits that require viewers to ask of themselves, “How would I behave if I had unlimited power?” His Kop Killer Komics combine horrific current events with popular narrative fantasies of justice and redemption. Emulating fictional avengers like the Magnificent Seven or the Ninja Turtles these graphic novel style drawings feature Black History notables rising from the dead to battle injustice.

Max King Cap earned a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a doctorate from the University of Southern California. He teaches, curates, and writes about visual art. He lives in Los Angeles.