Robbie Land

Artadia Awardee

“Robbie Land’s work engages with a wide range of issues and contexts including memory, experimental film and land art in the most exciting and thought-provoking ways. He has an endlessly expansive practice that I look forward to following for years to come.” – Juror Gabriel Ritter

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Robbie began working in film and time-based media, producing 8mm and 16mm animations and live action experiments for exhibition and installations in 1990. He has worked on a variety of projects from cinematographer at the Florida Lightning Research Facility to teaching college level photography, performance, film and sound production. Currently he resides in Atlanta, Georgia and continues to experiment with various photo-based and sound projects. Robbie’s work has been exhibited at Kunst Film Biennale in Cologne, Germany, Museum Do Chiado in Lisbon, Portugal, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition in Denver, Colorado, Scientifical Center Espace Mendès in Poitiers, France, Mono No Aware in Brooklyn, NY, Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia in Atlanta in addition to a variety of screenings and exhibitions.

Robbie Land is the recipient of the 2014 Atlanta Artadia Award.