Robert Hodge

Artadia Awardee

“In his multimedia, collage-based objects, Robert Hodge collects and manipulates a vast array of foraged materials—from classroom maps and vinyl records to decades-old magazines and his own, experimental prints—to explore the interrelation of past and future, self and community.”

– Natalie Dupêcher, Associate Curator of Modern Art, the Menil Collection

Robert Hodge (American, b.1979) is an multidisciplinary artist based and working currently in Houston Texas. Hodge’s practice includes multimedia paintings, collages, music based projects and installations. Hodge has exhibited nationally and internationally and is currently finishing the album “DJ Screw Forever” in collaboration with the Contemporary Museum of Houston.

Grounded in the rich continuum of African American history and cultural expression, Robert Hodge’s work celebrates resilience and reclamation, with his commemorations of African American musical and cultural icons serving to both preserve the past and illuminate the present

Saeta, 2019, Concierto de Aranjuez, 2019, The Pan Piper, 2019, WIll O’ Wisp, 2019, I Guess, Next Lifetime, 2021, Unrequited,  2021, Beam me up, George, 2021, Space is the place, 2021