Ron Athey

Artadia Awardee

Ron Athey is an artist who began making work in the L.A. underground music scenes of the early 80s. His performance work in the 90s was directly linked to both the body modification movements and AIDS activism, while his 00s projects link closely to the writings of Jean Genet and Georges Bataille. Working in theater, sculpture, word virus, video and experimental voice, Athey continues to reference Pentecostal “gifts”, survival of the AIDS body, sexuality and mythology. Athey currently collaborates with opera director Sean Griffin, extreme vocalist Carmina Escobar, and artist Hermes Pittakos. He is currently touring Acephalous Monster, a solo performance based on topics derived from the secret society of Acéphale, preparing a survey show curated from his archive by art historians Amelia Jones and Andy Campbell to open at Participant Inc., NYC in 2020.

Ron Athey is the recipient of the 2019 Los Angeles Artadia Award.