Sheila Pree Bright

Artadia Awardee

“Through her photographs, Sheila Pree Bright brings to light the individual narratives of her subjects as she creates stories investigating the socio-political and historical contexts in which we all live.” – Raina Lampkins-Fielder, Curator, Souls Grown Deep Foundation, Atlanta

Sheila Pree Bright is an acclaimed International Photographic Artist who portrays large-scale works that combine a broad range of knowledge of contemporary culture. She is known for her series, #1960Now, Young Americans, Plastic Bodies, and Suburbia.

As a Photographic Artist, the way she sees and shoots creates narratives about social, political and historical context not often seen in the visual communication of media and propaganda-based platforms. The imagery she presents and captures of culture and sometimes counter-culture challenges ideas about narratives that are controlled by Western thought and power structures.