Temporary Services

Artadia Awardee

“The intent of Temporary Services more broadly is to support and encourage anyone who finds new ways of putting their art into the world, to increase the diversity of ideas out there, and to create challenging aesthetic experiences. This type of DIY attitude is likewise very central to Detroit’s artist community and has clear applications here.” – Elysia Borowy-Reeder, Executive Director for Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD)

Temporary Services is Brett Bloom and Marc Fischer. Salem Collo-Julin worked with us from 2001-2014. We started working together in Chicago in 1998 as a larger group. In 2008, we started Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and online store. We are currently based in Chicago and Ft. Wayne. We produce exhibitions, events, projects, and publications. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to us.