Violette Bule

Artadia Awardee

“I’m excited to see how this award will shape upcoming projects for Bule and support her multidisciplinary practice that centers personal connection and storytelling to reveal the power dynamics that shape our daily life.”- Juror Anna Walker, Executive Director, Lawndale Art Center.

Violette Bule is the Horton Artadia Award Recipient.

Bule is a conceptual artist and photographer. Bule draws on her experiences as a queer woman and Venezuelan immigrant of Lebanese descent in the United States.

Bule’s work builds on social and economic vulnerability as a tool for creativity and political empowerment, engaging with topics such as identity, memory, violence, the politics of space, and digital technologies. She examines power dynamics shaping everyday life, underscoring the entanglement of capitalism and structural racism in interrelated patterns of migration, nationalism, populism, and social justice.