What Pipeline

Artadia Awardee

“It represents to us a relevant and future-oriented model of how artists collaborate locally and beyond by establishing networks that operate both outside of, and through, the art world’s centers. Activated by different contexts—studio, exhibition, gallery, art fair—these ad hoc aggregates of artists perform different functions within our very complex art system. And while Detroit may have its own gravitational pull right now, What Pipeline seems purposefully situated to exert pressure from within—and upon—this most utopian of dystopias on contemporary culture at large.” – Ingrid Schaffner, Curator, Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art and Carin Kuoni, Director, The Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School

Founded by artists Alivia Zivich and Daniel Sperry, What Pipeline is a gallery based in Detroit, Michigan, exhibiting works of artists such as Paul Pascal Theriault, Olivia Erlanger, Olivia Erlanger, and Tom Humphreys amongst others.

The gallery has participated in various fairs, including NADA Miami Beach 2015 and NADA NYC 2014, and has collaborated on an offsite exhibition at Paramount Ranch, 2014. What Pipeline has produced various publications and editions, including Mary Ann Aitken Black Abstract 1983-2011, Isaac Pool: Light Stain, Veit Laurent Kurz & Stefan Tcherepnin: Diary of Steit, Marte Eknæs & Nicolau Vergueiro: BOOM! Soft Poster, Crystal Palmer & Isaac Pool: Jenny t-shirt.

What Pipeline is the recipient of the NADA New York Artadia Award.