Join Artadia in supporting BOIL TOIL + TROUBLE. BOIL TOIL + TROUBLE is a non-commercial group exhibition of painting, sculpture, video, installation and performance that explores water. 

Referencing the now infamous line chanted by the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Boil is a cauldron’s stew, an exploration of the alchemy of water and the witches that conjure with it and from it. This is a limpieza, a show of brujas and curanderas…Magic and all its makings, or the spiritual undercurrents of an artists practices are here. This is an exhibition of artists who are witches, conjurers, practitioners of ritual and makers of totems and fetish objects.

From mythical to the mundane, from fishing and surfing, the ways we labor in the seas, find sustenance in the seato Poseidon and Yemajá the gods that embody the power, violence and healing of the oceans, to the creatures (both real and imaginary) that lurk beneath its surface. Boil is a show of gods and monsters and ultimately of humans and our relationship to the sea. 

Water is omnipresent and vital for life. It moves between solid, liquid and vapor. Its essence is that it will penetrate. Boil is an exhibition that will scavenge and scrounge the depths as all bottomfeeders do, regenerating and cleansing the very waters they occupy.

The exhibition is about water, from the mundane activities that we practice within in it to the mythical foundations that help us make sense of its raw and all consuming power. Water is both the source of life and a watery grave. What lies beneath is terrifying and life affirming, the depths are the realms of our ancestors and those that have come before. In many cosmologies the water is where the spirits reside, it is also a reminder of those that haven’t made it.

Water is the great connector it speaks of course to conquest and adventure, to ‘discovery’ of lands, to forced diasporas, to migration and to refuge. Our waters a rerising and heating, we are at a boiling point…and it may take a witches brew to save us. – Zoe Lukov

Among the artists included are:

Naomi Fisher
April Gornik
Armani Howard
Jillian Mayer
Nicolette Mishkan
Nereida Patricia
Ricardo Partida
Fawn Rogers
Alison Blickle
Hiba Schahbaz
Jamilah Sabur
Radcliffe Bailey
Torkwase Dyson
Wangechi Mutu
Bruce Nauman
Marina Abramovic
Nicole Eisenman
Chase Hall
Dalton Gata
Henry Chapman
Chelsea Culprit
Michael Ajerman
Robert Nava
Frank Walter
Edgar Arceneaux
Nicki Greene
Astrid Terrazas
Niki de Saint Phalle
Radcliffe Bailey
Yassi Mazandi
Guadalupe Maravilla
James Casabere
Myrlande Constant
Franz Zephirin
Paulo Pjota
Maya Lin