Summer Wheat

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Glazed porcelain with gold decals
3.5 x 2.11 x 1.3 inches each

Summer is a 2016 NADA Artadia Awardee.

“Fish have so many different meanings in past histories and cultures – fertility, transformation, creation, the depths of the unconscious. Tears fall with little weight, yet they have so much emotional weight. The literal lightness of tears contrasted with the symbolic weight of the fish creates a compelling visual contradiction.”
– Summer Wheat

Summer Wheat (b. 1977, Oklahoma City, OK) is known for her vibrant paintings, multifaceted sculptures, and immersive installations that weave together the history of materiality, figuration, and abstraction in both fine art and craft milieus. Each series engages individual and collective human experiences drawn from historical and contemporary sources, mediated through a variety of references ranging from ancient art and medieval tapestries, to etchings from the Renaissance, to modernist abstractions.

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