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Join Artadia in supporting Jupiter Magazine. Jupiter Magazine is an arts and culture publication which seeks to create conditions that support more viable writing lives and set a new model for engagement with contemporary art and art criticism.


I. Is a linguistic atmosphere that is rooted in spirit, regards and reveres the legitimacy of divinely-derived knowledge, and functions as a mode of cosmic catharsis

II. Is committed to creating editorial conditions that support more viable writing lives by exceeding current industry standards of compensation, prioritizing a slow writing and editing tempo, and foregrounding a trans-disciplinary approach to art writing and cultural criticism

III. Grounds itself in the Black feminist tradition, seeks to aid, abet and fuel the ongoing project of Black liberation and contributes to the chorus of anti-coloniality by re-addressing the perennial question of artist’s roles in global freedom struggles

IV. Embodies the fact that art is a functional tool that assists us in asking and answering existential questions about the nature and stakes of being alive today

V. Publishes writing that is not only about but thinks with, alongside and responds to art and cultural production

VI. Acknowledges that art is a medicinal force, an antidote to apathy, a remedy for interpersonal separation, and an offering against amnesia; Thus, we also know that art writing extends the healing potentiality of art itself

VII. Is dedicated to providing our readers with language that expands their own sense of agency around their personal development such that they relate to themselves as people who are invested in not just witnessing the world shifting around them, but being active architects of the world they wish to inhabit