Written By Rachel Reese on May 27, 2013

Burnaway has exciting news to share on two local artists and former 2011 Artadia recipients, Micah Stansell and Gyun Hur! Artadia’s newSummer Open Studios residency program will host Micah Stansell throughout the month of June and Gyun Hur in July at Artadia’s Brooklyn location.

From the press release:

Artadia is happy to announce its new program Summer Open Studios. In an effort to utilize New York City for its wealth as a global transit hub in the constant exchange of ideas, as well as a place to meet other artists, curators and critics, Artadia will open its DUMBO exhibition space to three Awardees to exhibit their work for one month each. Summer Open Studios aims to open conversations via an in-progress approach to art-making that includes the dialogue that assists in the formation of each new work.

From Micah Stansell:

In relationship to my work, the prospect of utilizing the Artadia space is exciting for several reasons. By their nature, film/video projections react to the surface and space they are projected on and in. I am compelled to see how the work adapts to different locations, and to see what layers of meaning (both visual and contextual) are added to the work by the environment it is seen in.  In many ways, this is an extension of the anthropological nature of my work. Bringing work that is heavily influenced by the environment in which it is made, namely the American South, to a thoroughly global city is a great opportunity to see how it is influenced by the environment in which it is seen. Because the work changes in each installation/iteration I am endlessly interested in how it exists in different spaces/cultures/environments.

Gyun Hur is excited to work on a new installation and social performance titled Flash Optical Store OPEN!

My father opened his first optical store in Korea when I was about 5 years old. Located a few blocks away from the main intersection in a small town, his optical store was more than just a mere store. My grandfather would stop by to have a short chat with my dad, his childhood friends stopped by for coffee with ladies and gossip, my father dozed off when no customers stopped by, or would be filled with customers waiting for their glasses. When the store was closed with the shutter at night, my family would go to sleep behind the store. When my parents were deeply asleep, I used to sneak out to the store to try on a few glasses and act out.

When my parents moved to the States, my father brought all of his glasses imagining that he may open his own optical store again. It never happened, and there are boxes of glasses unused. I will be reopening his optical store at the residency, re-enacting my father and mother who greeted customers, talked, and sipped coffee.

We congratulate them both on such exciting news and cannot wait to see what they produce with this generous opportunity! If you visit NYC this summer, be sure to visit their studios!