Artadia transforms the lives of artists across the country every year.

Since 1999 we have identified over 344 of the most visionary artists of our times, supported them with unrestricted grants, and created professional opportunities for them. For example, in both 2017 and 2019 five Awardees were selected for the Whitney Biennial. In Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, Artadia’s programs have deeply impacted artists and their local communities, promoting equity in the art world by placing attention and critical discourse in America’s vibrant artistic communities.

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Artadia 20th Anniversary Luncheon, March 2019
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Your gift enables Artadia to create opportunities for artists to thrive and ensures that groundbreaking voices in contemporary art continue to be heard nationwide. Donors to Artadia support artists directly where they live and work, fostering creativity and culture across the United States.

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Council membership with Artadia provides a unique opportunity to participate in vibrant exchanges with artists, curators, and art enthusiasts; to learn about emerging trends in contemporary art; and to provide direct support to the artists who are shaping our culture. Artadia’s Council members receive special access to a unique roster of special events, including intimate artist studio experiences, major exhibition tours, private collection viewings, critical events and performances, and more.

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Your gift enables Artadia to create opportunities for artists to thrive and ensures that groundbreaking voices in contemporary art continue to be heard nationwide. Corporate donors to Artadia support artists on a local and national level, and engage with Artadia’s network of artists, collectors, and arts professionals through Artadia’s unique roster of special events.

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Thank you to the generous foundations who have supported Artadia with gifts of $1,000 or more, including:

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Angeles Art Fund
Bottega Veneta
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
California Community Foundation
Capital Group
Cowles Charitable Trust
Fleishhacker Foundation
GRoW @ Annenberg
Houston Arts Alliance
Houston Endowment
Irving Harris Foundation
John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation
The Joyce Foundation
LeRoy Neiman and Janet Byrne Neiman Foundation, Inc
Liberty Mutual
Lubo Fund, Inc.
Lyla Rose Holdstein via Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
Marciano Art Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Norman Foundation
The Omidyar Group
Orentreich Family Foundation
The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation
Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation
The Pollock-Krasner Foundation
Richard Salomon Family Foundation, Inc.
The Rudin Foundation, Inc.
The San Francisco Foundation
The Winnick Family Foundation
Wish Foundation


Thank you to the generous Council Members and Individuals who have supported Artadia with gifts of $1,000 or more, including:

Abby Pucker
Adam and Elisa Coker
Alfred Yeries
Alina Richards
Allison Berg
Andrea Michaelson
Anna Nearburg
Anne Maso
Anne Van Wart
Aurele Danoff Pelaia
Azita Mujica
Bernard Lumpkin
Bradley Bucher
Brent Imai
Brian and Mary Herbstritt
Bridget and Kay Murphy
Bruce Karatz
Caitlin Kirkpatrick
Carol Goldberg
Caroline Howell
Cecily Horton
Chrissie Iles
Christie Salomon
Christina Gerber
Christina Osterlund Wood
Christopher Vroom
Claudia Worthington Hess
Cristina Enriquez-Bocobo
Curt Conklin
Cynthia Kagay
Daniel Desmond
Deborah Buck
Debra Bosniak
Debra Burchett-Lere
Diane Procter
Elena Ivanova
Elizabeth Fiore
Ellen Coleman
Emily Lambert-Clements
Emmy Wexer
Eva Faust
Franklin Sirmans
Gabriela Palmieri
Gary Metzner
Gary Wilner
Grant Withers
Heidy Braverman
Holly Halford
Ian Alteveer
Ilene and Edwin Vroom
Ingrid Gilbert Cincala
Iris Marden
Jaclyn Butler
Janet Mohle-Boetani
Jarl Mohn
Jenny Salomon
Jenny Williams
Jereann Chaney
Jessica Decker
Jill Grey
Joan & George Hornig
Joanne Rosen
Joelle Connolly
John & Suzanne Golden
John Guess Jr.
Josh and Nora Abousteit
Joyce Trabulus
Judy Goodman
Judy Nyquist
Julie DeAnda
Julie Kremkus
Kaitlyn & Mike Krieger
Karen Mehiel
Katherine Gass
Kathleen Hughes
Kathy Meadowcroft
Kes Narbutas
Kim Light
Kylie Capelli
Larry Fields
Laura Doyle
Laura Grigsby
Laura Macker Johnson
Laura Manuel
Laura Roberson Fisch
Laura Sweeney
Laurie Ziegler
Leslie Rubinoff
Lisa Fischman
Lisa Rao
Lisa Tung and Spencer Glendon
Lisa Wolman
Lizanne Suter
Louis Corrigan
Lucinda Bunnen
Lyla Rose Holdstein
Lyn Schwab
Marcia & Barry Maiten
Margery Fischbein
Margherita Amirkhanian
Margot Ziegler
Marie Samuels
Marilyn Minter
Marjorie Ornston
Marjory Graue
Mary Blair
Mary Leigh Cherry
Maya O’Donnell-Shah
Michael Hagler
Mitzi Johnson
Nancy and David Lerner
Nancy Epstein
Nancy Escher
Nancy Littlejohn
Nany Zink O’Conner
Natalie Mahdesian
Nick Cave
Nini Sakaguchi
Oliver Frankel
Olivia Marciano
Pamela Robinson
Philip and Tracey Riese
Raquel de Lavendeyra
Rebecca Halpern
Rebecca Lieb
Rena Hoffman
Richard Ziegelasch
Rimma Boshernitsan
Robert Brawner
Rosiwtha Agarwal
Sam Freeman
Sam Schwartz
Sanam Quiraishi
Sandra Rapke
Sarah Arison
Sarah Arison
Sarah Conley-Odendirk
Skip Victor
Soyeon Kim
Stephanie Love
Sue Hancock
Susan Bridges
Susan Starr
Tiffiny Lendrum
Tim and Lauren Schrager
Tim Mott
Tony Karman
Wesley Urquhart
Winter Hoffman


National Endowment for the Arts


Thank you to the generous corporations who have supported Artadia with gifts of $1,000 and more, including:

Ascent Wealth Management, LLC
Blue Rider Group
Bottega Veneta
Casa Dragones
Capital Group
Eisner, APC
EXPO Chicago
First Republic Bank
Galerie Magazine
Liberty Mutual
Moët Hennessy
New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA)
Powerhouse Arts
U.S. Trust
Untitled, Art.