Your tax-deductible giving enables Artadia to elevate the careers of underrepresented artists at pivotal moments in their practice with critical and timely support. In 2021, contributions will also help us launch the Artadia Network, an innovative platform to unite artists across geographies, disciplines, and generations through events and round-tables, which are also open to our supporters and Artadia Council members (more details below).

Artadia passionately believes that artists are storytellers and civic leaders who play an essential role in shaping a more just arts economy, and a strategic solution is needed to serve the needs of artists if we are to live in a country that benefits from the unique and critical role they play. To realize this vision, Artadia requires support from like-minded donors whose generosity helps to inspire others and increase the number of artists we will serve. 

Artadia Supporters

2007 San Francisco Artadia Awardee Hank Willis Thomas discussing his exhibition "An All Colored Cast" at Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles.
2019 Los Angeles Artadia Awardees Ron Athey and Carmen Argote and Marciano Artadia Awardee Diedrick Brackens
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Individual donors to Artadia support artists directly where they live and work, fostering creativity and culture across the United States.

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Council membership with Artadia provides a unique opportunity to participate in vibrant exchanges with artists, curators, and art enthusiasts, to learn about emerging trends in contemporary art, and to provide direct support to the artists who are shaping our culture. Artadia’s Council members receive special access to a unique roster of special events, including intimate artist studio experiences, major exhibition tours, private collection viewings, critical events and performances, and more.

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Corporate donors to Artadia support artists on a local and national level, and engage with Artadia’s network of artists, collectors, and arts professionals through Artadia’s unique roster of special events. Your contribution is recognized on Artadia’s website, per your approval, demonstrating a commitment to sustaining a national vibrant artistic community.

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Our work to identify future Awardees begins by recruiting values-aligned partners who contribute to the process, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with Foundations, Corporations, Institutions and Individuals who seek to sponsor an Artadia Award in its entirety.  Sponsored awards can be named, if desired, ensuring national visibility of your name, demonstrating a commitment to sustaining a national vibrant artistic community. Award sponsorship also includes National Council membership.

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Thank you for your generous contribution to Artadia. With your collaboration, we believe that Artadia can improve the conditions necessary for artists from all backgrounds to thrive and succeed, to strengthen their communities and foster economic justice in the arts.