“When We Were Twenty-Five.”

When We Were Twenty-Five.
60 pp
5 x 8.25″, letterpress cover with gatefold; hand-stitched binding; digitally printed interior
ISBN: 979-8-218-40182-5.

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When We Were Twenty-Five. is a publication to mark Artadia’s 25th anniversary wherein we have asked 25 of our past Awardees, “Knowing what you know now, what advice would you offer your 25 year old self?”

The responses range from lists, to poems, to letters. The publication includes texts from some of our earliest Awardees (1999!) to our most recent in 2023. Featured in the publication are Awardees:

Regina Agu

Selva Aparicio

Simon Benjamin

Diedrick Brackens

Jessica Caldas

Nick Cave

Nathaniel Donnett

Amir Fallah

Brendan Fernandes

Katy Fischer

Angelina Gualdoni

Gyun Hur

Lucy Kim

Autumn Knight

Matt Manalo

Joiri Minaya

Hendl H. Mirra

Diane Severin Nguyen

José Ibarra Rizo

Amie Siegel

Travis Somerville

Astria Suparak

Stephanie Syjuco

Hank Willis Thomas

dana washington-queen

Author and award-winning designer Hamish Smyth designed the publication. Smyth gained notoriety for his publication of the NASA worm, the MTA style-guide, and many other publications. 

Foreword by Artadia Executive Director Patton Hindle
Afterword by Curator and 2016 San Francisco Bay Area Artadia Juror Lauren Haynes
Featuring the words of 25 Artadia Awardees
Designed by Hamish Smyth
Printed by Peter Kruty Editions

*For any distribution inquiries, please contact info@artadia.org.